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Father Takes Pictures of His Children Every Day for 13 Years


A father-of-two has photographed his children every day for 13 years. Since their birth the proud father, Munish Bansal, managed to gather over 8,500 digital images of his 12-year-old daughter Suman, and her brother Jay, who is now 10.

Munish created a dedicated website, where he uploaded 600 albums featuring the photos of his children. Currently the 36-year-old Munish works as an accountant in Gillingham, Kent.

He says that it all started when, equipped with his digital camera, he took the picture of his daughter in the same day when she was born. The next day he made another picture and then another. Finally, when she turned a year he realized that he had exactly 365 pictures of her. After the Suman's birth in 1996, Munish and his housewife Rita, 39, decided to start a family album.

"It seemed a shame to stop, so I kept going - and did the same when Jay came along. Now I've got thousands and thousands of pictures of my two beautiful kids in each and every stage of their lives," he says. He continues taking pictures of his children and usually makes it before school or during dinner. Munish admits that his children are "quite embarrassed" about the website and about him, reports Daily Mail.

Still he looks forward to take pictures of his children until they are old enough to leave home. He said that as both Sunam and Jay get older, they become more embarrassed about his passion. Nevertheless, Munish believes that one day his children will appreciate what he has done, and recall happy moments from their childhood.

This is Suman:

This is Jay:

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