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Fish Tank That Attaches to Your Lavatory


One of the latest inventions for your bathroom is rather weird and yet beautiful, in a way. AquaOne is the company that came up with a fish tank that a person can attach to a lavatory.

The out-of-this-world mini 2.2 gallon tank was dubbed Fish n Flush. According to the tank's developer, Fish n Flush was created with fun in mind.

AquaOne claims that the fish tank is perfectly safe for fish, be it fresh and salt water.

The tank can also be empted water and then used to keep small animals such as turtles or lizards. The company's representative, David Parrish, admitted that some people were concerned with the fact that they have to use the loo in front of their favorite pets.

"People have said they get freaked out by using the bathroom in front of the fish. I just tell them to lift the seat and use the lavatory like everyone else does," he jokes.

In addition, Mr. Parrish said that several animal rights activists expressed their concerns over the type of aquarium that the company uses, "but once we explain that we hired one a marine biologist to help design the filtration system they are less concerned," he said.

It is worth mentioning that the Fish n Flush fish tank is entirely separate to the lavatory system, which means that the water in the tank and the toilet never mix. Besides, separate systems means that the fish is safe in its aquarium.

The price for the fish tank from AquaOne will be around $432. Customers can order the tank from the company's official website.

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//1 Sep 19, 2009 06:27 PM | posted by: APRIL10
This invention is really cute! I love it!

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