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Fonderie 47 Creates Jewelry from Confiscated AK-47s


Luxury jewelry brand Fonderie 47 has come up with a brilliant idea to turn weapons into art, and namely beautiful jewelry.

Co-founded by Ethos Water CEO Peter Thum, the company makes its jewelry from AK-47 rifles obtained from the Democratic Republic of Congo. During the manufacturing process, the metal parts of rifles are melted down, and jewelers Philip Crangi and Roland Iten help enrich the material with gold and turn it into rings, earrings, and cuff links.

So far the firm successfully reused over 6,000 assault rifles from Congo.

It should be mentioned that though the company is a for-profit venture, the profits from sales go to the Fonderie 47 Foundation, a charity that helps nongovernmental organizations like the Mines Advisory Group. The latter is tasked by the government of Congo to destroy the weapons.

In addition, each piece of jewelry funds the demolition of several assault AK-47s in Africa. For instance, a steel-and-gold signet ring funds the destruction of 75 guns. The ring features the serial number of the weapon it was made of.

The prices of the company's jewelry start at $23,000 for a pair of earrings, with the most expensive being a $35,000 set of cuff links that turn into a bracelet.

[via Fonderie47]

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