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Four Owners of the Same Cell Phone Number Died After Receiving It


Mobitel, a mobile phone service company based in Bulgaria, decided to ban a phone number from its systems after finding out that everyone who got the number died after receiving it.

The first victim was Vladimir Grashnov, chief executive of the Bulgarian company. He took the number 0888-888-888 for his cell phone. In 2001 he was found dead, the cause being complications from cancer. He was 48.

But the incident did not spark any worries, mainly because Mr. Grashnov was terminally ill and sooner or later he would have passed away.

After some time the number was given to Konstantin Dimitrov, who was a mob boss. Later Dimitrov was found dead after being shot.

The number was then given to Konstantin Dishliev, who was at that time involved in illegal activities - he was selling drugs. Dishliev was shot dead, like Dimitrov.

Although the deaths of the number's owners were not really unexpected, they occurred within a 4-year segment of time and shortly after each individual got the number.

Because of the four deaths linked with the number, the company decided to block it off from all of its customers. According to The Telegraph newspaper, Mobitel refused to provide any comments regarding its decision.

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