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Functional CNC Mill Made Using LEGO Mindstorms NXT


A lot of interesting LEGO models that involved the use of high-tech were described her at, with 10 of the most interesting described in a special article.

The CNC Mill is another incredible construction made using LEGO's Mindstorms NXT pieces. The three-axis mill is not only a fully functional device, but also provides realistic sounds of a running machine tool.

It is worth mentioning that the company has unveiled for the first time its Mindstorms NXT back in 2006, having the "intelligent brick" as its key component.

The LEGO enthusiast has used the technology behind the Mindstorms NXT to create a LEGO replica of a fully automated system that can carry out all the main operations, making use of wheels installed in an inverted position to gain additional grip.

Watch the video below to see the device in action.

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