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Generative Wardrobe - Clothes with Wearable Electronics


Designer Alex Dodge came up with the idea of creating his own wearable electronics.

He invented the Generative Wardrobe that features clothes, such as a shirt, a cap and a pair of shoes, which not only look futuristic but also boast different electronic features.

For example, a sleeping cap from his line of clothes can share a user's dream over social networks. It would be interesting to note that the head cap reads brainwaves and the eye cover, which comes along with the cap, reads rapid eye movements, the latter being usually associated with dreaming.

His powerstep shoes include a silicon sole with piezoelectric ceramic element that allows producing a small amount of energy when the wearer is walking.

The long-sleeved shirt includes touch-sensitive pads and the jacket can serve as a reprogrammable control board with sensors, accelerometers, GPS and USB ports.

All of these concepts can be viewed at the Brooklyn's Klaus Von Nichtssagend Art Gallery.

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