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German Artist Builds Hotel Using Garbage from All Over Europe


Ha Schult, an artist from Germany, decided to create a temporary 5-room hotel from materials he was able to find in landfills, beaches and flea markets.

The materials rang from balloons to guitars and all of them were gathered in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The house was built in the center of the City of Madrid and was called the Beach Garbage Hotel.

It is worth mentioning that the building was erected to protest marine pollution, which leads to the damage of ecosystem around the globe.

One can find this hotel in Plaza de Callao. The Beach Garbage Hotel will close on January 23rd. Amusingly enough, it opened the same day the annual International Tourism Fair did.

According to Schult, the goal was to show that today the oceans are being used as a huge garbage dump, reports EcoFriend.

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