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Girl Pregnant After Swimming in Hotel Pool


A weird case has been registered in Egypt. A woman decided to sue a hotel in Egypt claiming that her 13-year-old daughter got pregnant after using the swimming pool.

The girl returned to Poland from holidays discovering that she was pregnant. Magdalena Kwiatkowska considers that her daughter conceived from a stray sperm that was in the pool. At the moment the woman demands compensation from the hotel.

According to a travel industry source the woman is absolutely sure that her daughters didn't meet any boys during their stay, which is why she is determined to carry on with the case. Warsaw's tourist authorities have confirmed that they received the strange complaint.

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//2 Sep 16, 2009 09:53 AM | posted by: rolyn jane
are you sure your daughter did not meet any man during that holiday???...girls like her can sometimes be smart enough to make up stories.
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//1 Jul 18, 2009 02:59 PM | posted by: alie
wat happen here..??
this is really wierd..
i have nvr heard of a girl gets pregnant after a swim..
i will nvr swim anymore..

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