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Girls Locked Their Lips to Meet Famous Pop Star


One of the radio stations in New Zealand announced a contest for every girl in the country who wishes to meet pop star Katy Perry, singer of the hit song I Kissed a Girl. The stunt angered the Family Party, a political party in New Zealand established by former members of Destiny New Zealand (party backed by the Destiny Church) and a pastor within the Pentecostal City Impact Church, Paul Adams.

Girls, wishing to take part in the contest, gathered in Cathedral Square. There were about 40 couples who decided to lock their lips so they could meet the popular singer in Melbourne. The majority of girls were in their early 20s. Members of The Edge radio station advised girls to be "as hetero or as gay as you like about it".

Alice Duncan, the brand manager of Edge Canterbury said that the event was "more about the cheeky side. It's about having a risque (time) and pushing the boundaries."

In its statement the Family Party said that the contests went over the line of decent public behavior and promoted wrong message to youngsters.

"It's just kissing. It's hardly the end of civilization. It's a bit dull really," said one of men who got very excited. There were overall about 80 men enjoying the show.

Anne Johnstone and Amanda Grey, the two participants, confessed that they were not kissing each other for the first time. "It's a bit of good fun and we need that trip to Melbourne," said Grey.

The competition took place simultaneously around the country. Figures showed that Hamilton proved to have the best turnout.


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