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Global Warming will Launch the Global Wars


Global warming is likely to cause political and social conflicts worldwide, the UN officials declared.

Climate changes may result in global civil war, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, a leading climate specialist reported on UN climate change conference on Bali Island, Indonesia. The fight against global warming requires a lot of cooperation from countries around the world but it may as well increase the rivalry for significant resources such as water and food. Achim Steiner, director of the UN Environmental Programme, said that global warming is likely to trigger a security issue more than ever.

Experts predict that more than 500 million people will have to leave their homes because of climate change and that will make the situation even more tense. Such countries as Africa, Central Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, parts of the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Andes are at danger of being affected in the first place.

Nations will be faced with a problem of collapsing countries and that will increase the number of conflicts worldwide.

The UN conference in Bali was also dedicated to the problem of limiting greenhouse gas emissions and measures to prevent the devastating effects of global warming such as rising sea level, floods, desertification and weather changes.

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