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Google's Domination to Distort the World's Reality


Austrian scientists claim that Google became the world's largest search engine that may soon become the greatest danger for the world.

Researchers at Graz University, Austria conducted a study where they tried to analyze the Google's impact as a largest internet search engine. Professor Hermann Maurer, chairman of Graz University's Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media said that Google developed an unacceptable monopoly in worldwide web that may distort the whole reality in the world.

In the United States, more than 57 percent of internet searchers were done through Google search with almost 95 percent of people claiming about Google use occasionally.

Besides the fact, that Google is dominating the web as a search engine, it always has some services that may use user's data in their own interests. This is a huge company that has valuable information about organizations and individuals but is not limited by any national data protection laws. Such services as Google Earth or Gmail that go in connection with search engine service may become a time bomb storing a large amount of private data.

The Austrian experts claimed that Google's potential is so enormous it may turn into the largest detective agency.

Google's advertisements may also distort information about companies ranking the paying customers higher. The Google's world knowledge can also be used to play global stockmarkets to its advantage.

The information that is written today is mainly refereed to Wikipedia and Google and this may lead to a great distortion due to the biased and questionable content contributed to Wikipedia. Students and journalists use Google as a main source of information, which is disapproved by scientists. Google remains a private company who has a major domination over the world now.

However, Austrian experts say that it is impossible to stop Google's potential danger, it's effect can be minimized with the development of new special-purpose search engines that will have an advantage in some aspects of application than Google.

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