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Google's List of Class-Action Lawsuits


Copyright Infringement Lawsuits
AdSense Related Lawsuits
Overcharging Advertisers
Trademark Infringement Lawsuits
Tampering a Site's Ranking and Inappropriate Search Results Lawsuits
Click Fraud Lawsuits
Patent Breach Lawsuits
Other Lawsuits
One-line Lawsuits

The last major case hitting Google was the one where Viacom claimed $1 billion for copyright infringement via Google's recent acquisition YouTube (do they regret this acquisition now?). This case made our editors curious: How many cases did Google have to face during its history?. The answer was a bit astonishing: there were many. So we thought we could compile a short list of Google's class-action lawsuits, where Google was both a defendant (in the majority of cases) and a plaintiff.

The list is not 100% complete (it would be probably impossible, as there should be hundreds of them, which didn't even make it on bloggers' pages), but it is meant to show the readers how absurd, sometimes the charges were, or in how much trouble Google has gotten, or that some companies have additional departments, which are made only to sue Google and so on. Enjoy!

Copyright Infringement

Blake Field (author and lawyer) v. Google. Filed on April 6, 2004. Amendment complaint filed on May 25, 2004.

Claims: copyright infringement: Field claimed that Google's cache feature made it possible for users to access copies of his copyrighted material.

Outcome: Google's actions proved fair use, as Mr. Field was aware of the fact, that there is a possibility to disable Google robots from caching his pages.

Gordon Roy Parker v. Google. Filed in August, 2004.

Background: as stated by The Register (Read more.. ) "Parker, who represented himself in the suit, publishes online under the name "Snodgrass Publishing Group". One of his publications was an e-book entitled "29 Reasons Not To Be A Nice Guy" and at some time he posted Reason 6 from this book onto a Usenet forum, the worldwide network of discussion groups".

Claims: search engine had breached his copyright in the material.

Outcome: "Judge Surrick dismissed the claim, advising that Google was immune from prosecution in respect of third party postings by virtue of a provision in the Communications Decency Act."

Perfect 10 v. Google. Filed on November 19, 2004.

Claims: Perfect 10 claimed Google to have allowed people to view copyrighted images through Google's image search.

Outcome: (Feb. 17, 2006: Read more.. ) Judge offered preliminary injunction against Google.

Agence France-Presse v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed in March, 2005.

Claims: $17,5 million for the fact that Google News unlawfully incorporated AFP photographs, headlines and excerpts from the beginning of articles.

Outcome: Google sought case dismissal on the ground that AFP did not indicate the infringed works with much precision. The defendant tried to remove all the materials related to AFP from the Google News service, yet the agency was bound to continue the case. If AFP wins this case, there are some severe changes expected in the way news will be shown in the Internet.

U.S. Authors Guild v. Google (Google Books/Print) (Read more.. ). Filed on September 20, 2005.

Claims: Copyright infringement.

Outcome: depends on the fact how important the court, or the courts, will find the present case. If the court, or the courts, will redefine the term 'fair use' in a more narrow sense, this would be not a very positive decision for Google.

Association of American Publishers (AAP) v. Google (Google Books Project) (Read more.. ). Filed in on October 19, 2005.

Claims: copyright infringement. Google is scanning books, which might still be copyrighted.

Outcome: unknown.

ServersCheck BVBA v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed in May 2006 (originally filed in February 2006, though dismissed).

Claims: Google Inc.'s search engine offers up password-cracking tools and serial numbers to unlock their software (assistance in copyright infringement).

Outcome: complaint dismissed, yet the plaintiff promised to appeal.

La Martiniere Groupe v. Google (Read more.. ). File on June 6, 2006.

Claims: counterfeiting and breach of intellectual property rights. Plaintiff claimed 100,000 Euro for each book copied or 1 million Euro ($1,3 million). "That angers the French publishers because it portrays their work as just one step away from the trash can, said Tessa Destais, a spokeswoman for La Martiniere."

Outcome: unknown - apparently trial is underway.

Copiepresse (Belgian Newspaper Conglomerate) v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed in August, 2006.

Claims: to remove all the content indexed by Google's crawlers on the newspaper's websites.

Outcome: Google had to remove the plaintiff's newspaper content from its database within 10 days or face fines of 1,000,000 Euro per day. Google had to publish "in a visible and clear manner and without any commentary from her part the entire intervening judgment on the home pages of and of for a continuous period of 5 days within 10 days... under penalty of a daily fine of 500,000 Euro per day of delay". Google had was awarded the costs of the expenses of 941.63 Euro (summons) and 121.47 Euro (costs of thy proceedings).

Viacom v. Google/YouTube. Filed on March 13, 2007.

Claims: copyright infringement (release of unauthorized videos in public).

Outcome: Lawsuit underway.

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AdSense Related Lawsuits

Carl Person v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on June 19, 2006.

Claims: antitrust and other violations.

Outcome: lawsuit dismissed. Plaintiff accorded a chance to refill the complaint.

Theresa Bradley v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on August 28, 2006.

Claims: false advertising under the Lanham Act, fraud, interference with prospective business advantage, violations of California Commercial Code § 2207 relating to alteration of contract terms, breach of contract, unlawful interception of electronic communications under 18 U.S.C. $ 2520, invasion of privacy under California law, and intentional destruction of evidence, professional property, and personal property. For $250,000.

Outcome: wrongful termination of AdSense program claim - dismissed; intentional termination of property (e-mail messages) - underway.

Korean site, Humor University v. Google. Filed on March 19, 2007.

Claims: The site was banned from the AdSense advertisement program and was not paid. Plaintiff claims 30 million Won (about $32,000).

Outcome: Lawsuit underway.

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Overcharging Advertisers

CLRB Hanson Industries LLC v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on August 3, 2005.

Claims: overcharging advertisers (Google did not honor daily spending limits set by the advertisers).

Outcome: unknown.

Note: Lawsuits Lane's Gifts and Collectibles v. Google and Click Defense v. Google could be also attributed to this category.

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Trademark Infringement

Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) v. Google Inc. and Overture Services. Initially filed on May 4, 2004. Amendments to current complaint from May 14, 2004 and November 29, 2004 have dismissed Overture Services as a defendant.

Claims: trademark infringement in Google's AdWords advertising program.

Outcome: settled between the two parties. Details are held confidential.

Rescuecom Corporation v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed in September, 2004.

Claims: Google resells a trademarked keyword to Rescuecom's competitors; Google is preventing people from reaching Rescuecom's website; Google's sale of keywords alters the search results delivered to searchers, and this alteration diverts consumers.

Outcome: ruled in Google's favor.

JTH Tax, Inc. v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on April 4, 2005.

Claims: "Liberty Tax Service" is a service from the JTH Tax, Inc. The site "" is a member of Google's AdWord ad program, where its title is "Liberty Tax Service". No one has specified the exact keyword triggering the current lawsuit, but JTH Tax has sued Google for injunction.

Outcome: voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff shortly after filing.

Jews for Jesus v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on December 21, 2005.

Claims: trademark infringement. "The basis of this lawsuit is a Blogspot-hosted blog at Until the lawsuit, this blog was basically dormant--there were 3 posts between Jan. 30, 2005 and May 9, 2005, and there had been no posts for over 7 months. The first three posts suggest a tone of mild criticism against the organization, as does the username ("Whistle Blower")."

Outcome (Read more.. ): voluntarily dismissed on July 26, 2006.

Cash 'n Go v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on January 24, 2006.

Claims: Google was selling the keyword "check 'n go" through its Google AdWords ad program.

Outcome: Settled before going into court.

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Lowering a Site's Ranking and Inappropriate Search Results

SearchKing v. Google. Filed on October 18, 2002.

Claims: SearchKing claimed Google to have intentionally lowered page rankings of the former. Plaintiff claimed $75,000, punitive damages, attorneys' fees.

Outcome: Case dismissed by the court.

Mark G. Maughan v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on March 19, 2004.

Claims: Plaintiff claimed that Google's search engine generated inappropriate results for "Mark Maughan Accountancy" search query.

Outcome: Google launched an anti-SLAPP in response. Case dismissed and Google received a $23k from $112k requested for attorneys' fees and costs. v. Google. Filed on March 17, 2006.

Claims: Google didn't include the site in the index list.

Outcome: On March 20, 2007 the judge ruled in Google's favor.

Mark Roberts v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on May 05, 2006.

Claims: mishandling two of the plaintiff's e-commerce sites rankings.

Outcome: claim voluntarily dismissed, after Roberts received a call from Google's officials with a threatening to start an anti-SLAPP motion, in case Roberts went on with the suit.

Chris Langdon v. Google. (Read more.. ). Filed on May 17, 2006.

Claims: under-ranking. Plaintiff claimed that Google, AOL, Microsoft placed the plaintiff's site's ads in prominent places.

Outcome: all claims dismissed.

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Google v. Auction Expert International. Filed on November 15, 2004.

Claims: Click fraud.

Outcome: Ruled in Google's favor: plaintiff covered Google's fees and costs of $75,000.

Lane's Gifts and Collectibles v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on February 17, 2005.

Claims: click fraud. The plaintiff claimed improper charges from the Google AdSense advertising system.

Outcome: Google offered $90 million to settle the case without going to court. Any web site, an ad partner of Google's ad network, able to prove improper charges over four previous years, would be eligible for damages.

Click Defense Inc. v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed in June 24, 2005.

Claims: negligence in preventing severe cases of click-fraud. Plaintiff claimed not less than $5 million.

Outcome: Plaintiff voluntarily dismissed the complaint on September 14, 2005.

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Patent Breach

Rates Technology, Inc. (RTI) v. Google (Google Talk service) (Read more.. ). Filed on October 5, 2005.

Claims: patent infringement (U.S. Patent Numbers 5,425,085 and 5,519,769, from 1991 and 1995). Plaintiff claims damages and injunction.

Outcome: Trial underway.

Jonathan T. Taplin (Intertainer) v. Apple, Google, Napster (Read more.. ). Filed on December 29, 2006.

Claims: patent breach (U.S. patent No. 6,925,469 "Digital Entertainment Service Platform", filed September 5, 2001, issued on August 2, 2005. Patent inventors Kevin P. Headings and Steven M. Schein. Copyright holder - Interteiner).

Outcome: Trial underway.

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Other Cases

Department of Justice v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed in January, 2006.

Claims: Google rejected the DoJ's request to hand over users' search queries. Original claim: to provide every query a month's worth and all the URL's crawled by the robots from MSN Search, Yahoo!, AOL and Google. Narrowed claim: search queries and URLs narrowed to a million.

Outcome: Google would provide a sampling of websites it searched.

Jeffrey Toback (Nassau County Legislator) v. Google (Read more.. ). Filed on May 4, 2006.

Claims: Mr. Toback accused Google in making its money by participating in child pornography distribution.

Outcome: lawsuit withdrawn by plaintiff.

Universal Tube v. YouTube (Read more.. ). Filed on October 30, 2006.

Claims: Plaintiff argued to incur dramatic Web support costs and lost business because surfers looking for YouTube ( accidentally visit Universal Tube's site ( instead.

Amendment filed in late December 2006. Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corporation amended its original complaint (Read more.. ), filed on October 30, 2006, against YouTube. They charged Chad Hurley and Steve Chan, founders of YouTube, of racketeering and knowingly building their business on a copyright infringement. YouTube motioned to dismiss the case (Read more.. ).

Google v. Central Mfg (Read more.. ). Filed on January 19, 2007.

Claims: false advertising, unfair competition and RICO violations for claiming that Leo Stoller owns the Google trademark.

Outcome: Trial underway.

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'One-line' lawsuits

France (Read more.. ): Luis Vuitton (luggage maker) and Bourse des Vols (Internet travel agency) started a lawsuit back in 2004 against Google for allowing its advertising partners to use certain trademarked words as their keywords. Google found guilty. The decision was appealed.

Germany (Read more.. ): similar case (2004). Google found not guilty. "[...] the company is not liable for the actions of advertisers prior to notification of trademark rights."

USA (Read more.. ): Google sued by Yahoo for patent and trademark infringement, related to search-related advertising.

USA (Read more.. ): Overture Services filed a lawsuit against Google for patent infringement: a patent on placing auction bids in search related results.

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According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) a copyright holder has a right to claim the identity of infringers without having to fill a lawsuit.

March, 2007: Subpoena to Google/YouTube from Magnolia Pictures for providing information about a user on YouTube, who calls him/herself "halifixation". This user has submitted a video, whose copyright holder was Magnolia Pictures. The video was an Award-nominated documentary "Enron: Smartest Guy in the Room". After this subpoena, the user was immediately removed from YouTube.

February 21, 2006: Google subpoenaed from American Airlines. The latter demanded from Google to reveal the identity of the user, who posted a training video, which was apparently copyrighted by American Airlines. The 'video-sharing site' YouTube (not under Google at that time) has received a similar subpoena.

January 31, March 13, 2006 (Read more.. : Google received a subpoena from U.S. Magistrate Judge to offer full content of a Gmail account, including deleted messages.

If you are in any financial problems but you are daring enough to get some money, SUE GOOGLE and ask these people how they made it: Blake Field, Gordon Roy Parker, Carl Person, Theresa Bradley, Mark G. Maughan, Mark Roberts, Chris Langdon, Jonathan T. Taplin (Intertainer), Jeffrey Toback; or you could contact these companies and institutions: Perfect 10, Agence France-Presse (France), U.S. Authors' Guild, Association of American Publishers, ServersCheck BVBA (Belgium), La Martiniere Groupe (Belgium), Copiepresse (Belgium), Viacom, Humor University (Korea), CLRB Hanson Industries, Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO), Rescuecom Corporation, JTH Tax, Inc., "Jews for Jesus", Cash 'n Go, SearchKing,, Click Defense, Department of Justice, Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corporation, Advanced Internet Techs., Inc., Netjumper software, McGRawl-Hill, Digital Envoy. They could probably give you a piece of advice!

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SEC charges man with fraud involving online dating services

occurred alleges that Thomas J. Connerton told investors that his company Safety modern advances LLC was developing a material to make surgical gloves better resistant to cuts or punctures. He claimed that several major glove producers wanted the technology and Safety Technologies was on the brink of imminent deals moldova brides that would result in large payouts for investors in his company. But no deals have been anywhere close to materializing, And Connerton has emptied you can actually bank account by writing a series of checks to himself and using investor funds for his own expenses.

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The SEC got a court order to freeze assets of Connerton and Safety web sites. The agency is also purchasing permanent injunction (A court order that needs your attention someone to do something or refrain someone from an activity), a penalty, And return individuals "Ill gotten gains plus their desire,

"We charge Connerton with lying about the state his business and exploiting personal connections to lure in investors, mentioned Paul G. Levenson, home of the SEC's Boston office. "dealers beware: A rosy picture of a business that's about to take off could still lead to a total loss of expenditure of money.
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Melissa McBride's 4 Best vistas As Carol on The Walking Dead Season 4

hazel Peletier (Melissa McBride) Was only in six of the 16 installments of The Walking Dead Season 4, But she did the best work of the season. If Melissa isn't selected for an Emmy after "typically Grove, We riot! No one made more of the content this season than Melissa. what marvel she is. these four of her best scenes from Season 4.

1. Carol uncovers Her Truth, situation 3

you will need watch Carol throughout Episode 3, From her reaction to Tyreese (Chad Coleman) fights Daryl Dixon (grettle Reedus) And rick Grimes (Andrew lincoln subsequently) To her asian women frustration/guilt/anger after Tyreese asks her to keep track of Sasha. If you commenced that episode thinking Carol was the one who murdered Karen and David, fine, won by you the set of steak knives. we had arrived shocked, But Melissa dumped subtle, plausible hints with Carol's reactions the horror at the fighting (She resulted in it), The guilt when meeting Tyreese (That he would trust her) The anger when she knocked over the water (Nothing she did even helped stop the sickness) And when Rick finally faced her about it, She'd worked through all stages of grief and came to acceptance. Did you kill Karen and david? absolutely. a very easy "yep, very little histrionics, No evidence. That one powerful word was allowed to stand naturally, As one of Carol 2.0's plain pragmatism.

That final display of "indifference" was so strong, In part because it was so harmful from Rick and Carol. When Carol was finally found in the prison in Season 3, And discovered that Lori had died, Her over emotional reaction was so honest and beautiful, It presented us cry. optimistic Carol we knew and loved. mary 2.0 is a many other alpha, And Rick whatever he chinese date may have said about a democracy always needs to make the past call. we had arrived shocked that Carol was so cold about killing Karen and David, if Rick banished her wow. within that scene in the 'burbs, By acquire, Carol looked after her actions to Rick, Saying she stepped up, She had to take action. Rick said she didn't have to, But he added that she's not that woman who was scared to be alone anymore. It was an effective scene for Andy as Rick, But Melissa as Carol just broke our spirits. She wasn't cold or turned off, She was one who did what she thought was best. Whether terrible survive alone or not, She didn't choose to. Her damage was so powerful, And we found themselves back on Team Carol, Even while agreeing with Rick that she did not have to kill Karen and David. She created a bad choice, But she wasn't past the boundary gone.
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Scary summit City

Fort Wayne has a long history with people having called this home for upwards of two centuries. And based on ghost hunters, Some of its residents haven't left. Here is a look at the of the 12 most haunted places in the Summit City.

12) JEHL village green (SWINGERS burial plot): Jehl Park is believed to be where a young girl died with your swings. Witnesses declare that if you visit the park at night and are on the swings when the clock strikes midnight you will fall off. The twisted part of this story is however, you might assume you have fallen off, Some claim over actually there pushing you off.

11) DEVIL hollow: If title Devils Hallow isn scary enough, The legend attached with it is not for the average person. As the tale goes a witch lived in a house on top of a hill. People who believed this woman to be a witch burned the house to the floor and all that remains is the chimney. The legend claims the witch perished in the fire and is still in the neighborhood. progressively, The police have gone to the site woman in russian many times as men and women like to use the spot to perform rituals and sacrifices. Some say that at times the witch appears and chases people she thinks about trespassing.

10) MAIN community: Ghost hunters studying the haunted places in Fort Wayne cannot help but visit Main Street. It is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a woman in white. She has a flowing white gown and appears to walk across the road. That alone is sufficient to cause concern; on the other hand, The woman in proceeds walking until she reaches the St. Marys bridge where she jumps. experts been so convinced the woman is real that they contact the police, But no body is ever found.

9) BRUICK route: for your curious, Bruick Road is a road that may seem to go nowhere. home entertainment system,electrical installer home to some unusual lights. can provide homeowners traveled down Bruick Road state they can see white and colored lights that look like orbs that vanish as you move closer to them.

8) WHITLEY gaol (aka, COLUMBIA CITY gaol): websites creepiest haunted places near Fort Wayne is the Old Whitley Jail (Columbia City gaol). put in 1875, The Whitley Jail is a haunted house during trick or treat. Ghost hunters make their way to the old jail in hopes of enduring the ghost of Charles Butler. Butler was sentenced to death by chilling; but yet, Due to side-effects during the hanging, He wound up strangling for 10 minutes. His ghost is believed to haunt the jail. Witnesses already know laughter, Voices and actions. But servant isn alone, The ghost of an unknown woman and the ghost of a former sheriff are also thought to be haunt the jail.

7) EMBASSY cinema: dating back to to 1928, The Embassy Theatre is recognized a landmark in the city. mostly closures, refurbishments and re openings, Entertainment is not just the thing the Embassy Theatre offers its patrons. professionals seen a grey apparition roaming the halls on numerous occasions. timber believe the ghost is of a long deceased director. Along with that apparition individuals see and hear what they can only assume is an older woman. Other strange things in the cinema include odd smells, Random cold spots and lights in an instant turning off and on.

6) BROOKSIDE mansion (aforetime known as BASS MANSION): brian H. Bass was a accomplished man; He had a mansion built that included a man-made lake. The home stood abandoned for some time, Before a local as well as college decided to renovate it and make it a library. There are stories that Bass continues to reside in his home. If all over on foot the library, Bass will aid you to find the book you desire. Sounds innocent enough except Bass will literally throw the book at you.

5) LINDENWOOD CEMETERY: The cemetery was formerly founded in 1859. In the during 175 acres the cemetery covers, it can have over 70,000 gravesites. Lindenwood cemetery is a remarkable cemetery due to its size, Which ranks among the principle in the nation. Avid ghost hunters visit in hopes of seeing the ghost of a politician from the victorian era. The man wears a top hat and walks with a cane around the cemetery early in the day.

4) lincoln BANK TOWER: starting its doors in 1930, Lincoln Bank Tower was once the tallest skyscraper in Fort Wayne. house remains in use today. Visitors have the option to visit what is considered one of the city most haunted places. There are reports that floor is haunted by at least one ghost. The top floor remains the home of the ghost of a man who reportedly jumped to his death, While ladies ghost on the fourth floor is said to scream at people.

3) LUTHERAN infirmary: Old hospitals always appear to have stories of hauntings; The Lutheran infirmary, started in 1904, Is one of these hospitals. Witnesses and paranormal researchers encounter some interesting activity at the hospital. there is a ghost of a man who resides on its fourth floor. But the more unusual story is with a medical facility basement. People claim if you walk down the stairs to the basement at night, you will not reach the bottom.

2) MASONIC temple: When the Masonic Temple was built in 1926 it was intended as the meeting place for the fraternity members. home which stands 10 stories high, Served the members of the Masonic fraternity for decades. People claim to have seen and heard the ghost of a young man who causes an excessive amount of mischief, Slamming doors and switching lights don and doff.

1) WELLS streets BRIDGE: This bridge was inbuilt 1884; It is known a historic landmark. based on countless stories, The Wells Street Bridge it isn't just a piece of history, But is also among the most haunted places in Indiana. Unlike the ghosts at other haunted attractions, The fills ghost is a dog. in recent times, Many those who ridden their bikes across the bridge at night during the winter claim to see the dog and hear him barking. People advise when bridging the bridge, you may notice a dog, Don avoid.

as part of FrightNight, Master sculptor Chad Hartson and his team from Ice Creations will be on hand representing their extreme pumpkin carving techniques, As well as displaying quite a few their creations.

Hartson started doing food art and creating vegetable and fruit displays and making ice sculptures in culinary school. He found he not only enjoyed the thought, But that he was also excellent at it.

this, When he graduated, he started his ice sculpture business; in addition, When television shows like Halloween Wars became popular, People started prompting pumpkin carvings. For this year evening season, Hartson is booked to embark on more than 20 events and festivals.

Hartson said that when it comes to his pumpkin creations, What he does for FrightNight is on the small side the dimensions of the pumpkins he carves. Do an annual display in Dayton, Ohio where we carve 40 pumpkins which happens to be each 500 pounds, he was quoted saying. dating, His biggest carving was using over 100 pumpkins to make a dragon for at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Hartson technique creates 3D pumpkins where he carves the outside the pumpkin to create faces and/or images rather than beautiful ukrainian women cutting through the pumpkin. We asked this master carver to give us some more more knowledge about his work and some tips for DIY carvers.

FWM: you will a pumpkin to carve what do you look for?

CH: We look for abnormalities. We want pumpkins that possess knots, Big cracks or deformities. We don want the pretty round pumpkins you find in the store. We glance at the fields specifically looking for the pumpkins that aren pretty.

FWM: Where do you get ideas in your carvings?

CH: We allow pumpkins inspire us. We see something in the pumpkin abnormality that will spark our creativity. It is quite challenging to get ideas from a perfectly round pumpkin.

FWM: determine keep your pumpkin carvings looking fresh?

CH: We spray them daily with a solution of water and vinegar keep them. designed for DIY carvers, Hartson suggested also spraying your creations doing this solution part water to 10 parts vinegar.

FWM: What designs and carvings tools do you use?

CH: We use clay tools as knives. We also use spoons and scrapers to scrape away the flesh on the pumpkin outside walls. that will DIY carver, Hartson said that you need to get some clay tools and try 3D type of carving by scraping away at the pumpkin flesh. He also said it is recommended think about the exterior of the pumpkin as clay, Where you take things away to make something. For the common Jack O Lantern type of pumpkin, He suggested using a jigsaw blade as it works better than other tools on the internet. He mounts the blade to a solid wood handle and uses it as a cutter. He said for a Jack O Lantern it is essential to scrape down the pumpkin insides so it is easier to cut.

FWM: Where do you make your pumpkins?

CH: We go with several Amish growers. We usually go into the fields after they have farmed all the perfect looking pumpkins to choose the pumpkins we like. for the 500 pound pumpkins, We have a grower who entirely grows for us; We usually get 60 80 of this special assortment of pumpkin called Prizewinner Pumpkins that each weigh between 150 to 500 pounds.
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