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How to Deal With Too Much Attention at Work (for women)


New social researches offer women some extra ways of dealing with too much attention at the office. Here are the five virtual walls that women can built up around them to cut off any unwanted and unnecessary attention.

Wall No.1. Put a jacket on and forget about being sexy: Researchers suggest wearing clothes that men don't really like. Psychologists have proved that sexy clothes, such as a short skirt or an open jacket, could increase by 45% the chances that a man would show increased attention towards a woman.

As an opposite, pants, long skirts, jackets and free blouses would decrease this interest by at least 20%, psychologists claim.

Wall No.2. Be short: A true she-workaholic should be a bit shorter at work, i.e. she shouldn't wear shoes on high heels, since the shorter the heels, the less sexier becomes a woman's walk and her hips don't swivel, and hence, there's nothing to look at. In addition men are more attracted to tall women: the taller a woman is, the more sexier she looks, whereas when a woman's stature is short, her body looks more childish and not attractive or sexy.

Wall No.3. Be professional: A woman should behave or be a real professional at work. She should talk exceptionally to the topic, excluding personal details in the discussion. Most unwanted topics when talking to a man are complaints about boredom at home, depression and failures in private life. Discussing a new blockbuster or a neighbor who's just moved in - acceptable, but not for too long.

Surveys showed that when a woman discussed something with her colleague for longer than 10 minutes, he took this fact as personal interest. Psychologists suggested a "myth man" to avoid this problem: "if she has no partner, she should invent one", thus the competition should cut off much unwanted and unnecessary attention.

Other things restricted for a woman at work are compliments not regarding his professional activity, as it might again be regarded as personal interest. The greatest taboo at the office is erotic jokes - unwanted interest guaranteed.

A good brick in this defensive wall would also be as often as possible asking men about their wives and girlfriends and then getting acquainted with them. There are no men who would seek more than friendship with a woman, who is acquainted with his wife!

Wall No.4. Forget about gestures: Many, many women are absolutely confident that they have never flirted at work, but men notice many things, no one else notices, even if these things don't really exist. Men understand the body language, or think they do.

Women should be aware that eye contact makes men want to know them better. When talking to a the boss or any other colleague, a woman should not make a mistake by keeping her eyes on him for too long. A better object to look at would be his table or anything else, except him.

Women should also learn to control themselves and get rid of the habit of twiddling things in their hands, as these gestures are often treated as anxiety about sexual desire.

When sitting in front of a man at the office, crossing legs would be a good idea, as it is a sign of rejection - rejection of sex. Psychologists also warn women not to fix or stroke their hair in front of men in the office. Licking lips too often would make men think, or dream, on a subconscious level, about oral sex with this particular woman.

Wall No.5. Best friends are at work: When a newcomer at the office, a women is recommended to make friends among other women workers. Everyone should see them together at the lunch break or together leaving the office. This way women show that if there were problems, there would be many other girls to tell know about them.

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