Thursday, 05 Aug, 2010 Offbeat

Huge Installation Made of Thousands of Books Unveiled in Italy


Artist Matej Kren has created a mind-blowing book installation that can be viewed at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna (MAMbo), Italy.

He named his creation Scanner. The gigantic installation represents a huge tunnel of thousands of books that is decorated with mirrors.

It is worth mentioning that the designer made Scanner exclusively for MAMbo. The artist worked together with the Slovakian Centre for Information on Literature, reports Inhabitat.

Kren's installation was made to motivate people, especially children to read more books. The artist says that mirrors in his installation represent a tool that "creates illusion and, at the same time, to unmask it." He adds: "Since the public can easily see themselves reflected in a false infinite - thus discovering the illusion - the problem becomes the latency of perception."

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