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Huge Robotic Chess Set Composed of 100,000 LEGOS


A group of four LEGO enthusiasts decided to create what they call the Monster Chess set.

Their set is made entirely from LEGO parts and it also features robotic pieces that can move on their own.

The team spent a whole year creating the set that is composed of 100,000 LEGOS and expands over a territory of about 156 square feet.

It is worth mentioning that the four enthusiasts were supervised by Steve Hassenplug, a LEGO specialist and that the project was sponsored by LEGO.

In order to control their robots the team made use of the LEGO MINDSTORMS XT technology, which represents a complex system that allows a person to create a LEGO robot.

The robotic chess can be controlled by two humans, two machines or a human playing against a computer. It is also possible to recreate a number of famous matches, informs Gizmodo.

The set will be displayed this week at Brickworld in Chicago.

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