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Husband's Love Woke His Wife from a 30-Year Coma, Doctors Say


A woman from China woke up after being in coma for 30 years and doctors consider that the miracle happened because her husband continuously took good care of her, showing that he still loves her.

The woman fell in coma thirty years ago after an accident that occurred in E'zhou in Hubei province, said Beijing officials. According to China Daily report, after doctors performed two operations on Zhao Guihua, the woman's husband, Chen Dulin, decided to take care of her till the end.

Suddenly one day the woman woke up. The doctors analyzed her blood pressure along with her heart and lungs and reported that everything was stable.

Today Chen is 77 and in his province he was selected one of the model husbands. Till now he continues taking good care of his wife, talking with her and showing that he still loves her like he did all these years, before the tragedy and while she was "asleep."

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