Wednesday, 15 Aug, 2007 Offbeat

Impostor dentist works for 29 years


A doctor who was working as a dentist for 29 years without any medical license or training was arrested by police.

A 63 year old man from Malaysia started practicing as a dentist since 1962 as a dentist's assistant visiting patients at home. He said that he gained his knowledge by watching the doctor treating teeth, looking at such common procedures as an extraction of the tooth or model making for dentures.

Later he began dentist practice at his home treating patients on an old examining chair. The fake dentist persuaded his neighbors he is a retired army doctor. During the raid police found antibiotics, syringes, painkillers and other medicine together with an old chair dating 1940's, thrown away during the war by Malaysian army.

The doctor charged about $7 for tooth extraction and about $45 for dentures. The fake dentist is accused of illegal medical practice and could spend six years in jail or pay a 30,000 ringgits ($10,450 ) fine.

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