Latest Invention: Machine that Builds Custom Chairs for Each Person Individually
[26 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
The machine created by Rigters makes use of a rigid two-part polyurethane foam to make chairs that fit each person individually. ...
LEGO Full-size BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept at 2012 LEGO Kids Fest
[25 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
One of the most impressive happenings at the 2012 LEGO Kids Fest was a full-size replication of the BMW i8 hybrid sports coupe concept made entirely of LEGO blocks. ...
Shelley Miller and Her Sweet Historical Murals Created From Sugar
[25 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
Shelley Miller is an artist who works in Montreal and who came up with a new type of street art that involves the use of sugar in creating wall paintings. ...
Hotel that Houses the World's Largest Cylindrical Aquarium with Over 1,500 Fish
[20 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
A hotel in Berlin decided to welcome its guest with the world's largest cylindrical aquarium that boasts more than 1,500 tropical fish of 56 species. ...
Artist Makes Beautiful Detailed 3D Animals Sculptures Using Paper and Scalpel
[13 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
The talented artist by the name Calvin Nichols makes his original artworks out of paper. The detailed sculptures were inspired by Nicholls from nature. ...
Artist Paints of Dead Floppy Disks and Other Obsolete Objects
[11 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
The talented artist Nick Gentry is a painter, but he doesn't apply paint on canvas. Instead he paints works of art on used floppy disks. ...
Aeolian Harp - Giant Arc that Plays the Sounds of Wind
[09 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
The citizens of London and its guests have now the possibility to view a new original installation that not only looks intriguing but also emits mysterious sounds. ...
The Archipelago Cinema - Floating Movie Theatre
[06 Apr, 2012] comments (0)
The Archipelago Cinema is a beautiful floating movie theatre that opened on Kudu Island in Thailand and after a while dismantled and given away to a local village to be used as playground. ...
Chinese Artist Opens Transformers-Inspired Theme Park
[29 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
Zhu Kefeng is a Chinese artist that managed to accomplish his dream and built the Mr. Iron Robot theme-park enriched with various metal sculptures that resemble famous Transformers. ...
Artist Creates Sound Architecture IV - Installation Composed of 5,000 Bicycle Bells that Ring With the Wind
[29 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
Ronald van der Meijs is a talented artist from Amsterdam. He specializes in sculptural art and also makes architectural installations. ...
Test Flight of the World's Biggest Paper Airplane
[26 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
A group of people from the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tuscon, Arizona, decided to launch the world's largest paper plane. ...
Japanese Artist Makes Accurate Miniature Worlds Within Small Glass Bottles
[20 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
Izumi Akinobu is a talented Japanese artist from Tokyo who makes beautiful worlds inside nice bottles. In her free time Izumi works on her Tiny Worlds in Bottles, while her main specialty is architectural model designer. ...
NPIRE Builds Pixelated Wall in Office Using 55,000 LEGOs
[14 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
NPIRE is a creative agency that decided to do something special for their Hamburg office, which is why it came up with the idea of using LEGO blocks to create a room divider. ...
Artist Makes Detailed Scenes Inside Bottles Using Candle Smoke
[12 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
The talented bottle artist Jim Dingilian looks beyond the construction of small ships inside bottles. He makes the detailed scenes inside bottles using candle smoke. ...
Tokyo Sky Tree - World's Highest Communication Tower
[05 Mar, 2012] comments (0)
Finally the erection of the world's tallest communication tower has been completed in Japan. The Tokyo Sky Tree is also the second-highest structure in the world. ...

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