Top 10 Artistic Uses of Waste
[04 Aug, 2011] comments (1)
Each day we throw away tons and tons of garbage without even thinking that it might be used to make beautiful works of art. In this article you will find out about those artists that make incredible works from all type of junk. ...
UAE Billionaire's Name Visible from Space
[27 Jul, 2011] comments (0)
Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Ahyan, one of the members of the Abu Dhabi Ruling Family in the UAE, had his name carved on an island near Abu Dhabi. His goal wanted to makes HAMAD visible from space. ...
The Most Important Inventions of Ancient China
[26 Jul, 2011] comments (15)
China was the land of numerous inventions that played an important role not only for the Chinese but for the rest of the world as well. Find out which inventions created in ancient China are considered to be some of the most important. ...
Artist Builds Castles Using Bricks Made of Human Hair
[20 Jul, 2011] comments (0)
Agustina Woodgate's series entitled I Wanted To Be A Princess involves the use of clumps of hair to make 3,000 bricks. These bricks were stacked to form two medieval castle sculptures. ...
Latest Invention: Playable Chocolate Record that You Can Eat After Listening
[12 Jul, 2011] comments (0)
Peter Lardong, a brewer from Berlin, Germany, invented the world's first chocolate record that can actually be played. Thus when the listener gets bored with the music, they can then eat the record. ...
Argentinian Duo Creates Work of Art from 2,500 Pieces of Toast
[08 Jul, 2011] comments (0)
This work is called simply The Toaster and the most interesting thing about it is that it's made entirely of toast. ...
Amsterdam Airport Unveils Artificial Park for Travelers
[04 Jul, 2011] comments (0)
In order to solve the problems linked with passengers having to wait for their flight after passing the security check, representatives of the Amsterdam Schipol Airport decided to set up an artificial park. ...
Survival Rooms - Saving Lives During Manmade and Natural Disasters
[04 Jul, 2011] comments (0)
Designer Phil Pauley is the author of these life support systems called Survival Rooms that provide total protection inside an enclosed capsule. ...
High-Tech Museum Exhibit Composed of 40,000 Old Books
[04 Jul, 2011] comments (0)
Recently a new permanent exhibit has been opened at the Children's Book Museum in The Hague, The Netherlands. The exhibit has its walls made using thousands of books, 40,000 books to be precise. ...
Remote-controlled Lego Replica of Sandcrawler from Star Wars
[07 Jun, 2011] comments (0)
The already famous Lego wizard Marshal Banana managed to come up with another amazing Lego structure - this time it's the Jawa Sandcrawler from Star Wars. ...
LEGO Teams up with Mercedes to Launch the Biggest Technic Line Model
[06 Jun, 2011] comments (0)
Another incredible model from the LEGO's Technic line has been recently launched. The Technic line itself offers kids of all ages the possibility to create more complex structures than the usual LEGO blocks. ...
Awesome Bike Made of Lego Technics
[30 May, 2011] comments (0)
Today there're numerous LEGO fans that come up with some truly amazing sculptures. One of the latest works of art made using LEGO blocks is a LEGO bike called v1000. ...
Minimalist Artwork Composed of 274,400 Lego Blocks
[06 May, 2011] comments (0)
Lene Wille is an artist from Denmark who decided to create an original work of art out of white LEGO blocks. Initially his work was created for the Amsterdam World Trade Center. ...
Artist Makes Pixelated Smart Car Using Recyclable Cardboard
[04 May, 2011] comments (25)
Sarah Illenberger, an artist from Germany, came up with the idea of camouflaging a Smart Car in nice mosaic of recyclable cardboard boxes. ...
Top 4 Airplane Hotels - a Special Way to Spend Your Vacation
[21 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
If you're bored of the usual ways of spending your vacation, going to the sea shore, picnic in the forest or whatever you often do to get away from work for a while, then one of the best choices would be an airplane hotel. ...

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