Yunak Evleri - Luxury Hotel Located Within Ancient Caves
[19 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
In the center of Turkey visitors can find a wonderful landscape dotted with a number of ancient caves, six of which, dating back to the 5th and 6th century, were turned into a very unique 5-star hotel. ...
Man Recreates Saturn V Rocket in His Garage
[14 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
Vern Hoag from Waukesha, Wisconsin, was able to build an accurate replicate of the famous model of a Saturn V rocket. ...
World's Highest Lego Tower Erected in Brazil
[12 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
The citizens and guests of Sao Paulo, Brazil, had the opportunity to see the rise of the world's largest Lego tower. ...
Artist Uses Old Paper Money to Make Trees
[11 Apr, 2011] comments (0)
Maximo Gonzalez is an Argentinean artist, now living in Mexico City, who uses old banknotes to create beautiful trees with roots, leaves and fruits. ...
Chinese Steel Legends Presents a Collection of Gigantic Transformers
[24 Mar, 2011] comments (0)
The authors of the 5-ton steel Megatron tank have recently unveiled their whole army of transformers, some of which look exactly like the one in the movie, while others are simply great. ...
Odd Futuristic Home to Appear on a Roof of a Beijing's Mall
[22 Mar, 2011] comments (0)
The Australia-based Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific (LAVA) has come up with their vision of the house of tomorrow. ...
Artist Makes Skull Out of US Money
[22 Mar, 2011] comments (0)
Scott Campbell is an unusual artist - in his latest work he used dollar bills to make an original sculpture. ...
Top 10 World's Oldest People
[16 Mar, 2011] comments (39)
This top 10 list of the oldest living people on the planet includes only verified persons. In the Extra section you will be able to find supercetenarians that were not officially verified. ...
Chinese Workers Use Scrap Metal to Accurately Recreate the Megatron Tank from Transformers 2
[01 Mar, 2011] comments (1)
Engineers from Wing Wah, a factory in China, decided to recreate one of the mega-machines from the blockbuster movie Transformers. ...
Brian Dettmer - Artist that Makes Beautiful Sculptures from Old Books
[18 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
Brian Dettmer is an artist that decided to make something beautiful out of old books, cassette tapes, records and maps. ...
Artist Makes Illustrations of Animals by Shooting into Aluminum Sheets
[14 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
Walton Creel from Birmingham, Alabama, is not just an artist, meaning he doesn't only make art, he literally shoots it. ...
Monopoly Live - the Electronic Version of the Famous Board Game but with Tower
[11 Feb, 2011] comments (1)
Monopoly, goes electronic. The most interesting feature of the redesigned game, which is by the way called Monopoly Live, is an all-seeing electronic tower that stands 10 inches above the board. ...
Artist Creates Fashionable Clothes from Edible Products
[04 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
Emily Crane is a recent fashion school graduate who enjoys making different clothes from edible products. ...
Artist Builds Cities Using Jell-O
[02 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
Liz Hickok, an installation artist, has been using Jell-O to build replicas of cities and popular landmarks from around the United States. ...
Why Knot? - Robot that Ties and Unities the Necktie for You
[02 Feb, 2011] comments (0)
An inventor by the name of Seth Goldstein probably hates doing up his ties, which is most likely why he decided to come up with a rather strange device. ...

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