Artists Used Lego to Create the Map of Europe
[02 Nov, 2010] comments (0)
A lot of artists have already demonstrated their skills using Lego blocks. Now it's the turn of Bruno Kurth and Tobias Reichling. ...
$3.5M Painting Made of Thousands of Dead Butterflies
[21 Oct, 2010] comments (0)
A week ago the painting entitled I Am Become Death, Shatterer of Worlds was sold at Christie's auction in London for GPB 2.2 million (USD3.5 million). ...
Man Puts Family Nuclear Bunker Up for Sale
[21 Oct, 2010] comments (0)
Back in 1980s during the cold war between USSR and the West, Mike Thomas built a family bunker that was meant to protect him and his family from nuclear war. Now Mike decided to put it up for sale. ...
The Artistic Side of Water Droplets
[15 Oct, 2010] comments (0)
Researchers decide to film the simple movements of water droplets falling and rolling on a superhydrophobic carbon nanotube surface. ...
New Challenge - Freefall from Stratosphere
[13 Oct, 2010] comments (0)
Felix Baumgartner, a pilot, champion parachutist, and record-breaking BASE jumper from Australia, will jump out of a capsule suspended from a balloon at the height of 36.5 km in the stratosphere. ...
Ad Company Makes Huge Image of New Mini Car in Cornfield
[12 Oct, 2010] comments (0)
An advertising agency called Osnabruck Agency came up with an original idea of promoting a new Mini car. ...
Students Builds Castle Using 50,000 Milk Carton Boxes
[23 Sep, 2010] comments (1)
Registered in the Guinness Book of Records this huge carton castles is the world's biggest sculpture created using recycled materials. ...
Medal of Honor Video Game Will Not Be Sold at US Military Stores
[07 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
The Medal of Honor video game has been highly criticized and the US military came to the conclusion that it will not sell the game. ...
World's Tiniest Functional Steam Locomotive Made in Japan
[01 Sep, 2010] comments (0)
A small functional steam locomotive was built in Japan alongside the Hanshin railway near to Iwaya Park. ...
Hydraulophone - Water-Based Musical Instrument
[18 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
Steve Mann, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto, came up with hydraulophone, a unique musical instrument that takes the form of a fish. ...
Probably the Craziest Water Park on the Planet Built in China
[11 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
The famous Water Cube, which was built for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, has been redesigned and turned into a wacky water park. ...
Huge Installation Made of Thousands of Books Unveiled in Italy
[05 Aug, 2010] comments (0)
Artist Matej Kren has created a mind-blowing book installation that can be viewed at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna (MAMbo), Italy. ...
Russian Man Builds the Tallest Wooden House in the World
[27 Jul, 2010] comments (0)
Nikolai Sutyagin, a Russian gangster, is the author of the world's tallest wooden house that is about half the size of Big Ben. ...
Italian Engineers Launch Driverless EV on an 8,000 Mile Journey
[26 Jul, 2010] comments (0)
A group of Italian engineers came up with the idea of creating a driverless EV that would be able to cross 8,000 miles and collect data that later could be used in the field driverless technology. ...
LEGO Robot Equipped with Motorola Droid Solves 7x7x7 Rubik's Cube
[22 Jul, 2010] comments (0)
David Gilday, the man who invented the Lego NXT Rubik's Cube-solving robot equipped with Motorola Droid, once again managed to solve the Rubik's Cube, only this time the cube measured 7x7x7. ...

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