Generative Wardrobe - Clothes with Wearable Electronics
[15 Jul, 2010] comments (0)
Designer Alex Dodge came up with the idea of creating his own wearable electronics. ...
Statue of Optimus Prime Transformer Erected in China
[14 Jul, 2010] comments (0)
A huge statue of the famous fictional leader of the good transformers Autobots, Optimus Prime, can be today viewed in the Bird's Nest at Beijing Olympic Park. ...
Bees Used to Check Air Quality at German Airports
[02 Jul, 2010] comments (0)
A number of airports in Germany are using bees in order to analyze the level of environmental impact of these airports. There are several hives installed by the local beekeepers at eight airports. ...
World's First Interactive Horror Movie Allows Viewers to Help the Main Character
[30 Jun, 2010] comments (1)
Last Call is the world's first interactive horror movie presented by the German horror channel 13th Street, owned by NBC Universal. ...
WWII Veteran Makes His Own Flying Machine
[28 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
The 97-year-old British veteran of World War II, who is passionate about flying, decided to create his own flying machine, called Zeus III. ...
Artist Makes Inland Sea Using a Million Discarded CDs
[25 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
Using about one million compact discs, Bruce Munro made a sparkling inland sea. Over 600,000 discarded compact discs were sent to the artist from Brazil and California. ...
Artist Makes Animal Sculptures Using Old Newspapers
[25 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
Nick Georgiou is an artist from Tucson who recently presented his latest work made of recycled old newspapers. Georgiou's sculptures take the form of different animals. ...
Lego NXT Pinball Machine Made from Over 8000 Pieces
[24 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
Called Lego TXT, this pinball machine was constructed using more than 8,000 Lego pieces. The device is powered by 6 NXT robots, 9 touch sensors, 10 light sensors and 4 motors. ...
Artist Makes Detailed Sculptures Using Recycled Paper
[21 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
Using cardboards, artist Don Lucho was able to make incredible works of art. He uses this material to make a 3D world that illustrates scenarios of the daily life of an average person. ...
Eco-Friendly House Built From 4.5 Million Components of Boeing 747
[17 Jun, 2010] comments (1)
Francie Rehwald commissioned a dream house, which architect David Hertz attempted to create in the remote hills of Malibu, California. ...
Biggest Pen in the World Made in India
[16 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
This incredible creation was designed by M. Srinivasa Acharya, a 50-year-old Indian social study teacher and built by two Hyderabad artists Ratnam and Malikarajan. ...
Huge Robotic Chess Set Composed of 100,000 LEGOS
[15 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
A group of four LEGO enthusiasts decided to create what they call the Monster Chess set. Their set features robotic pieces that can move on their own. ...
World's First Tree Museum to Be Built in Switzerland
[11 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
The idea to create the world's first museum dedicated to trees has recently come to Chad Oppenheim and Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea. ...
Mumbai to Feature World's Tallest Residential Structure
[09 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
Lodha Developers from Mumbai is to team up with two companies from New York to create the world's tallest residential building. The skyscraper will be erected in Mumbai, India. ...
Chinese 9.7-Meters High Transformer Made of Old Truck Parts
[07 Jun, 2010] comments (0)
Several students at China Central Academy Of Fine Arts University managed to create for their graduation project a huge transformer. ...

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