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IPhone App Allows Making Digital Masterpieces


These masterpieces might look like oil paintings you can often see in classic art galleries, but they were made on the iPhone screen using an iPhone application called Brushes. This could open the door for a new branch in digital art.

All of the works were made using forefingers and thumbs. It is worth mentioning that Brushes gained a huge popularity, in fact so huge that artists using it intend not only to open galleries with their works but to sell the digitally created images as well.

One of the talented i-artists is Steve Aplin. The 37-year-old man from Britain, who now lives in California, uses the iPhone application to create observational sketches of people who drive on buses and trains.

"I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour on a painting. Usually it'll be an observational 15 minute sketch whilst on the train or bus - there are tons of interesting characters everywhere to draw," he said.

The artist works as an animator in the movie industry. He describes the works made on iPhone as "finger painting without the mess," and believes that it is the new wave of digital art. Below you can see some of the works made using Brushes app.

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