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It Takes 65 Minutes for a Woman to Get Ready For a Night Out


A new study performed by Table Table, a restaurant and pub website, has revealed that the average woman requires over an hour to get herself ready for a night out. A woman spends about 15 minutes in bath or shower, then she needs 21 minutes to do her hair, then 17 minutes to try on her outfits and 12 minutes to apply make-up.

Researchers also discovered that in average a woman will make four phone calls, lasting around 55 minutes, during the preparation.

The study involving 3,000 participants also revealed that 8 percent of women need not less than two hours to get ready. The researchers identified that one average night out features 4 or 5 persons who go out at about 8.05pm.

During the night out, when everything goes according to the plan, a woman will most likely visit the bathroom to fix her hair and make-up, spending there in average 29 minutes.

Source: Telegraph

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