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Italian Craftsmen Are Good at Producing Fake Ferraris Too


Ferrari 328 GTB 1985Most people are already used to consciously pay money for fake goods, such as Dolce & Gabana clothes and fake Rolex watches, just to look more stylish for less money. But is there a way to buy a fake car?

The answer is "Yes, there is!". Italian police was amazed with the level of craftsmanship of a group of 15 people, who were selling fake Ferraris for a fraction of price. Police found that 14 cars have already been sold and 7 cars were still under production in Sicilian garages. Each model of a fake Ferrari had a price of 20.000 Euros, which is about a tenth of the price for a real "red devil" Ferrari. Most of the buyers were aware of the fact that the Ferrari they were buying was a counterfeit.

Police reports that the craftsmen used mostly fake parts for building a fake Ferrari. They used original components from other makes of cars too, such as chassis, hoods, trunks, roofs and doors. All these body parts where then modified to look like classic models of Ferrari, such as the 328 GTB, which is out of production since 1980s.

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