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Japanese Artist Designs Inspiring Crystal Architecture


Considered as one of the most influential Japanese designers, Tokujin Yoshioka has recently presented his brand new project which will be shown in May at an exhibition in Seoul.

Visitors of the MUSEUM. beyond museum exhibition, will have the possibility to see the "Rainbow Church," which was inspired when Yoshioka was on a trip to the Chapelle du Rosaire about 20 years ago.

After seeing the creation that featured stained glass windows and designed by Henri Matisse, Yoshioka started dreaming of designing a structure that would allow people to feel light with all their senses.

The creation of the Japanese designer represents an 80-foot wall made of 500 crystal prisms. Thee crystals will fill the space of the structure with rainbows.

Some of the other works designed by the Japanese artist include an installation at Design Miami and the famous Venus chair. More images are available here.

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