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Japanese Artist Makes Accurate Miniature Worlds Within Small Glass Bottles


Izumi Akinobu is a talented Japanese artist from Tokyo who makes beautiful worlds inside nice bottles. In her free time Izumi works on her Tiny Worlds in Bottles, while her main specialty is architectural model designer.

The works created by Izumi can be used as a necklace or be simply viewed as miniature landscapes. Each bottled with an artwork inside costs 25 dollars and they can be shipped from Japan to any place on the planet.

Below you can find images of some of the works:

This tiny turtle is only 0.1 inches long and it swims near a lonely island equipped with a palm tree.

This elegant 0.5 inch jellyfish slowly drifts in bubbled water.

In this bottle you can see a miniature skeleton model of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

And here you can find a small piece of Africa with a giraffe, an elephant, a horse, rhinoceros, an ostrich, and a deer walking among plants.

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