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Japanese Artist to Unveil World's Biggest Glass Table


In May, the famous artist Tokujin Yoshioka will show one of his extraordinary creations called Waterfall, which is the world's biggest table made using optical-quality glass. The table will be unveiled at an exhibition in Seoul entitled MUSEUM. beyond museum.

The creation of the Japanese artist is 15 feet long and for the first time it will be unveiled to the public. It is worth mentioning that the table was developed in 2006 for a private gallery show.

The table looks just like water, thus its name - Waterfall. The artist was inspired by water running down a sheer wall.

Contemplating on materials, Yoshioka carried out experiments with this effect for about 10 years. To make the table, the artist decided to cut it from a single piece of glass. He selected the same type of glass that is used in observatory telescopes, informs Fast Company. After cutting the piece, Yoshioka polished the ripples and refined them in order to obtain a wonderful watery quality.

When the light shines through the table, it creates the image of water running across the surface of a pond.

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