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Japanese Company Offers Space Beer


Sapporo Breweries Ltd., a Japanese beer company with headquarters in Ebisu, Shibuya and Tokyo, has recently announced that it is going to market exclusive beer prepared using barley that was grown from seeds brought to outer space. The project involved the company's collaboration with the Russian Academy of Science and Japan's Okayama University.

The exclusive beer is entitled "Sapporo Space Barley" and it will be available for those who will place online orders until December 24. The company will make 250 sets, with each set available for 10,000 yen ($113.5). A set includes six 330ml bottles that will be delivered to the final customer in late January 2010. The company said that money collected from the sales will be used to promote science education.

For five months the barley seeds were kept in space, onboard the Russian module of the International Space Station, informs Breibart.

"We have confirmed the safety of the product," outlined Sapporo Managing Director Seiichiro Ichikawa. He added that the final product made from barley seeds can contribute to expanding space research.

Manabu Sugimoto, associate professor at Okayama University's Research Institute for Bioresources, mentioned that in future, he and his colleagues look forward to grow a barley species that would be suitable for growing in space and examine the influence of the outer space environment on barley seeds.

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