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Judge Wants to Prohibit Weird Names


A judge from Dominican Republic decided to ban any names that are more than three words long, names that may sound vulgar or those by which it is impossible to identify the gender of the baby. The goal of Jose Angel Aquinas is to stop parents naming their babies Mazda, Toshiba and other weird names.

The judge met opposition in face of Judge Aura Celeste Fernando. The latter says that there shouldn't be any ban on names; instead officials in the Caribbean country should give explanation to parents that such names as Rambo Pot could cause serious psychological and even physical problems for children during their childhood.

Judge Fernando considers that it is not practical for government to have the final word on names that parents give their babies.

The names listed in the civil register also include Winston Churchill de la Cruz or Ernesto Che Perez. There's yet no information on whether Judge Aquinas looks forward to ban these names, too. However, it was reported that his proposal will be discussed by politicians later this year, informs The Sun.

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