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Jumbo Hostel - Spend the Night in a Comfy Passenger Plane


If you visit Stockholm you have the chance to spend some time onboard of a retired 747-200 plane, which has been transformed into a hostel.

In order to save the plane from being turned into junk, it was decided to turn it into a low-cost, fully-furnished hostel.

Dubbed Jumbo Hostel, the large passenger plane is located in the Stockholm-Arlanda airport. It boasts a long history of service, being initially constructed for the Singapore Airlines. It also made a few flights for Pan Am. The plane's last flight was made for Transjet, a Swedish airline that went bankrupt.

It is worth mentioning that the hostel include 25 six square-meter rooms, each having 3 bunk beds. The lucky ones may have the chance to spend the night in the cockpit.

Visitors will also have the possibility to see some original parts of the plane, including first class seats, lounge bar and even oxygen masks.

Several new rooms are to be built in the engine compartments. It would be interesting to note that in these rooms the original rotor blades will play the role of venetian blinds.

[via Jumbo Hostel]

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