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Woman's kidneys become a super-prise in TV show


In a new Dutch reality show a woman with a deadly illness will choose one of the contestants to give her kidneys to after she dies. The TV show that has already raised a lot of concerns and argues, will start this week.

In spite of the fact that De Grote Donorshow (The Big Donor show) is criticized by the government and ruling Cristain coalition parties as being "unethical", the BNN broadcaster is determined to fulfill the idea.

A woman known as Lisa, 34 year old, will interact with the families of the participants and learn their profile in order to make her final choice on the donor of her kidneys. The reality show will last for more than an hour and those watching the show, will have the opportunity to send messages to the woman, giving her advice on her choice.

Laurens Drillich, BNN channel chairman, says that this TV show is meant to give hope to those ill people, who need a new kidney, because if they had to wait for it in real life, their chances would be far too lower.

The show itself was founded by a man who died of kidney failure operations and the channel is aimed to focus on the donor organs problem. However, many viewers don't like the TV show but the idea is spreading quickly with the appearance of the new shows like Spuiten en Slikken (Shooting and Swallowing) were the participants will present various experiments with drugs and sexual exploits.

In 2005 Dutch TV also started a sperm donor show where a woman had to choose a father donor for her future child, but it was highly condemned by public.

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