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Latest Invention: Machine that Builds Custom Chairs for Each Person Individually


Foam Party is the latest work of Martijn Rigters, a Dutch design student. The goal of the project is to make chairs that fit each person individually. He enjoys making various things in his workshop and Foam Party is not an exception.

In order to finish the project, the designer spent 8 months of preparation and a month to actually make the installation that was later presented at Milan's design week.

The machine created by Rigters makes use of a rigid two-part polyurethane foam. The latter allows the chairs to take shape. Here's how the designer explains the creation of chairs: "After mixing A and B, a chemical reaction takes place." The reaction increases the volume of the material by 15 times. Thus, Rigters can use only a small amount of foam to make a chair.

During the design week, the he managed to build about 25 different chairs. It would be interesting to note that each chair was made using a unique "living mold."

"Everyone has a different physique. I measured and documented their dimensions to create a database of the diversity of the molds--or people--I used, as if they were tools," said Rigters.

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