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Latest Invention: Playable Chocolate Record that You Can Eat After Listening


Peter Lardong, a brewer from Berlin, Germany, invented the world's first chocolate record that can actually be played. Thus when the listener gets bored with the music, they can then eat the record.

It would be interesting to note that the 67-year old inventor came up with the idea of creating a chocolate record after he lost his job at the local brewery.

At first he started making record using a number of different materials, including butter, cheese, cola, sausages and even beer. However, none of these records were able to play music and then Peter thought of making records from chocolate.

With the help of his knowledge in brewery, Lardong developed a new type of chocolate mixture composed of cocoa butter, cocoa and lecithin. He heated the mixture on a stove and then poured it into a silicone mould developed specifically for the record. The obtained record was hard enough to be put under the stylus of the record player.

It is worth mentioning that each of Lardong's chocolate records can be played for about 12 times, reports OddityCentral.

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