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Latvians Put Their Country on Sale


"Latvia for sale" - a Latvian web-portal - published an anonymous letter to a famous Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, best known for being the owner of London soccer club "FC Chelsea". The petition has been already signed by several dozens of people, as reported by It is supposed that the number of people signing the petition will grow.

A rough translation of the letter is as follows:

"Dear Roman Arkadievich Abramovich,
As you may have already heard, my home country, Latvia, has gone bankrupt and at this moment the Government is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund about the sale of our country for €7.5 billion (approx. $10.7 billion). Taken in consideration past experience of our government's work, I can affirm that the money will be spent (or will lend on officials' personal bank accounts) for other unrealistic ideas (such as the Castle of Light or the most expensive bridge in the world), while the conditions of living of Latvian people will continue falling.
I kindly ask you to examine the possibility of buying Lativa, as it is a country of hard-working people, friendly environment and a lot of space for parking your yacht.

Latvians are actively sharing the link of this petition, however not everyone had the courage of signing the petition with one's own name, as Latvian security police pays a lot of attention to the topic of selling the country.

Earlier some "jokers" had a series of unpleasant discussions with the police for suggesting the Swedish Government to buy Latvia.

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