Friday, 30 Mar, 2007 Offbeat

High school student shot himself in the leg


While at marine science class, Myrtle Beach's high school senior accidentally shot himself in the leg. The information was provided by the local police. The name of the 18 years old student is Damien Singleton. According to WPOE-TV the boy was taken to the hospital where he was operated.

The student of the same high school told that there was a gun shot and then someone screamed and swore. The whole class went to the back closet. They stayed there for about forty minutes.

The mother of Corey Guerrera, the student that heard the gun shot, wondered how the guy with a weapon was able to get inside the school. Local authorities mentioned that they are currently investigating the case. However, they warned that it is quite hard to provide 100 percent security to a whole school.

Damien Singleton has been the high school's star athlete. At Myrtle Beach he played wide receiver on the local football team. He was also the one to lead his team to receptions. In addition Singleton played guard on the basketball team.

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