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LEGO Greenhouse - World's First Hothouse Presented at London Design Festival


One of the most important design events on planet Earth, the 2011 London Design Festival, which will take place in the period between September 17th and 25th, will unveil a lot of interesting concepts.

One of these concepts is the LEGO Greenhouse, which is the first fully functional greenhouse made using LEGO pieces.

The author of this design is Sebastian Bergne. LEGO UK asked the designer to create this nice-looking box. According to Bergne, working on this design meant the transformation of his childhood fantasy into reality.

It would be interesting to note that the LEGO Greenhouse was made of about 100,000 bricks. Everything - the walls, the floors and earth - are made of transparent or brown LEGO pieces, while everything inside it: tomatoes, peppers and flowers, are real.

The design can be observed Covent Garden's NE Piazza.

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