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Lego NXT Pinball Machine Made from Over 8000 Pieces


Called Lego TXT, this pinball machine was constructed using more than 8,000 Lego pieces. It would be interesting to note that the device is powered by 6 NXT robots, 9 touch sensors, 10 light sensors and 4 motors.

The authors of Lego TXT, Mark Gryn and Michael, were inspired by a machine built by Gerrit Bronsveld and Martijn Boogaarts.

Mark Gryn is from the School of Computer Science, University of Windsor, while Michael is an 11th grade student that takes part in a co-op program initiated at the University of Windsor.

The steel ball used in the game is the only part of the construction that is not a Lego piece. The whole programming was created using NXT-G programming language, offered by Lego with the robots.

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