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Artists Makes Accurate LEGO Replica of Chicago's Trump Tower


Designer Sean Kenney managed to build a LEGO replica of Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Tower.

It would be interesting to note that the LEGO artist has be making sculptures using kids' toys and paying tribute to the most impressive structures erected in the country over the last couple of years.

His latest 10-foot tall work contains 65,000 LEGO pieces and is so far the most complicated project that the designer has worked so far.

The real building has its outside coated with a skin of reflective glass. In order to illustrate s similar reflective surface, the artists decided to make a prototype that replicates a similar visual effect.

Because the actual building reflects the blue sky, clouds and buildings around it, Kenney developed his work in layers of blues, whites and greys.

The outer layer of the work was made using see-through LEGO bricks that offered a glass-like look, while the inner layer illustrates a pattern that looks like to a distorted view of clouds. Together the layers beautifully create the illusion of reflection.

It took the designer about a month to complete his creation. Unlike his other works, this one was used without glue, with Kenney using only blocks. The Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Tower in the artist's vision can be observed in Chicago's LEGO Store.

[via Sean Kenney]

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