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LEGO Teams up with Mercedes to Launch the Biggest Technic Line Model


Another incredible model from the LEGO's Technic line has been recently launched. The Technic line itself offers kids of all ages the possibility to create more complex structures than the usual LEGO blocks.

LEGO decided to collaborate with Mercedes-Benz in order to come up with a multi-purpose Unimog U 400 truck made using parts from the Technic line.

It would be interesting to note that the German car manufacturer calls its Unimog U 400 truck "the world's most versatile workhorse."

The LEGO model of the "workhorse" features 2048 parts and is made at the 1:12.5 scale, which makes it the biggest LEGO Technic model ever launched.

To reflect the numerous applications that the Unimod boasts, LEGO decided to use in its model a pneumatically operated crane gripper arm able to rotate nearly 360 degrees. This is possible thanks to an electrically controlled turntable. The front of the model can be turned into a snow plow.

The model also features engine pistons, portal axles and individual suspension that soften the movement of the four-wheel vehicle when it is taken off-road.

The launch of the new LEGO model was synchronized with the 60th anniversary of the first Unimog that rolled off the production line back in 1951. LEGO fans will be able to get their hands on the LEGO Unimog starting August. The model will have a price tag of around EUR190 or $260.

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