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LEGO Tower Sets World Record as the Highest Ever Built, Being 30.22m Tall


Artists working with LEGO bricks are continuously looking forward to make unique and groundbreaking creations. One of such LEGO creations is a tower in Norway, made completely of LEGO parts, which rises at a height of 30.22 meters.

The tower can be observed in front of the Oslo City Hall. It is worth mentioning that the current LEGO tower managed to break the record set up previously by another tower built in Munich, which was 25 centimeters short, reports the Norway media.

To prevent the fall of the tower, the construction workers decided to use special wires attached to the structure, which you can see in the image. The picture you see here was taken on April 24, 2010. Unfortunately, there is no information on the amount of time the tower will stand in front of the City Hall.

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