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Little Girl Writes a Book to Give Others Hope


A little girl shared her thoughts and feelings after her father died of cancer in a book "My Daddy is Dying" that will be published this week in the UK.

In her book, Milly Bell, a 9-year-old girl tells a story of sad feelings expressed in drawings and puzzles that she created during the period when her father got ill with brain tumor until his death.

Milly was honored by the Duchess of Cornwall last December with Woman's Own Children of Courage award for her book. The girl told that she wanted other children, who are feeling sad to know that they are not alone and there is a hope.

Her mother Gaynor Appleby, who separated from her husband in 2000, helped to make up a book out of her daughter's drawings and puzzles. When Milly's father got ill, her mother told her straight about his condition and the girl took the news quite bravely.

My Daddy is Dying will be published by Exeter-based cancer charity Force and Western Power Distribution, a company where girl's father was worked.

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