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Lost Migrants Ate Corpses to Stay Alive


According to a Dominican official, five migrants, who got rescued after 15 days spent in the sea, ate from the corpses of the last people to die in order to stay alive. The migrants were rescued near Turks and Caicos Islands. The only woman from the group of five, shortly after the rescue, died.

The four migrants told Francisco Javier Garcia, who holds the position of Dominican minister of tourism, that to survive they ate from the body of the last one to die. The survivors said that they lost their way in the sea shortly after their captain abandoned the ship. Thirty three Dominican migrants were reported missing by relatives in the mid-October. They attempted to reach the shores of Puerto Rico by boat, Telegraph reports.

Migrants had thrown dead bodies into the sea. The body of the last person to die, however, was kept for food. On Saturday the US Coast Guard helicopter noticed the floating group and rescued the five survivors.

"The other four are dehydrated and have swollen legs but are expected to recover," said the Dominican minister of tourism after he paid a visit to the survivors. There is currently no information on whether the remaining four men will face charges.

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