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Lottery Adds Gas for Life prize


Florida Lottery Now lucky lottery players in Florida can win free gasoline for life as a second prize. With the rapidly increasing gas prices, it becomes even more desirable prize than $250,000 for the first prize for many people taking a chance in a lottery.

Though a winner of the prize will not have the unlimited amount of gas, but will receive a prepaid gasoline cards worth $100 annually. In spite of the fact that the total payout will be far less than the first cash prize, many players think that gas will become more expensive than cash.

Bernard Feldman, a customer service supervisor at a Miami Beach supermarket said that Summer Cash lottery became increasingly popular.

“Obviously gas is something that everyone needs right now with prices being so high,” Jackie Barreiros, director of public affairs for the Florida Lottery.

Gas was voted to be the most desirable prize for 90 percent of the respondents playing lottery. Florida as well as four other states such as Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Washington introduced gasoline as a lottery prize.

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