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Luxury Vehicles Do Not Make Men Sexier


It is time that men save their money, since expensive cars do not guarantee to impress women. Latest research found that men are just as attractive to women without luxury vehicles.

In the latest experiment commissioned by SBS TV show Top Gear Australia, researchers estimated how the reactions in a woman's brain changes when the woman is shown a man driving different types of cars. Participants were shown several men driving different vehicles and measured their brain response depending on the car a man drove. Women saw men driving luxury sports cars, UTE vehicles, 4WD, pimped street and vintage classic cars.

Researchers discovered that men aged between 40 and 60 and driving an expensive Porsche had little or no impression on women, unless they drove together with a beautiful young lady. A humble tradesman also did not succeed with getting positive reaction from women.

A great improvement was registered by an average family man in nearly any of the vehicles. The good-looking surfer was the one to get the most positive responses, even when not driving a car.

A young man had better responses when driving a pimped Nissan Skyline rather than an expensive sports car. Interestingly enough, women were more impressed by MG Roadster itself, rather than a man sitting at the wheel of this vehicle.

It is worth mentioning that the latest research was carried out by Neuro Insight and its goal was to study the argument, "does the car makes the man''.

Commenting on the results of the research Peter Pynta from Neuro Insight said that almost every vehicle made the family guy look better, but only if he was good-looking.

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