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M55 Bicycles Enriched with Diamonds and Gold


M55, the company that manufactures luxury bicycles has recently unveiled two new lines of its electric bikes called Terminus Royal and Terminus Prime.

The bikes from the Terminus Royal line are enriched with gems and precious metals. Models from the Prime line can be studded with nearly anything one can think of.

The price of the company's bicycles starts at $37,600. The Terminus bikes combine the power of an electric motor and a pedal-powered drive system. It should be mentioned that the electric motor is not there to replace the pedaling action. Instead it helps to generate more momentum during pedaling.

According to the manufacturer, the motor "tricks your mind and [you] feel like a superhuman riding this bike."

It is worth mentioning that the main parts of a bike are made of aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. These materials considerably lower the weight of the bicycle.

M55 provides motors for different bikes. The motors range from 250 watts to 1,500 watts, which allows the bicycles to run from 18 to 62 miles per charge.

In addition, for every bicycle sold, the company donates $723 to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation that invests in the preservation of the environment.

[via M55]

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