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Make Funny Photos in Seconds


Numerous studies found that laugh is good for health, especially if you're in a bad mood or are tired after a hard day at school or office. The website that can definitely bring a smile to your face is It allows users to create funny pictures using various effects.

All you need to do is upload a photograph of yourself or one of your friends and the website would do the rest. It's like an online photoshop, where you are free to upload as much images as you like and make a lot of various photo effects in just seconds. Currently there are over 100 effects that you can use and the database increases virtually every day. Using the effects, your photo can appear on a billboard, magazine, television, book, store and even iPhone - the collection is really huge.

Below you can see some examples of images with different effects that you can make using the website. It is really fun. In addition, you will find only effects, without useless information on what and how to do this or that. Everything is plain and simple: you choose the effect, upload a picture of yourself or your friend and press "create your picture" button - it's as simple as that. Friends will definitely appreciate the funny photos you made using

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