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Male Birth Selection to Cause Dramatic Social Imbalance


Preferences for sons in several Asian countries may soon result in severe social imbalance, such as trafficking of women and increase of sexual violence.

The latest study conducted by the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) implies that such practices as abortion of unwanted female foetuses may have serious consequences for society.

Many Asian countries, like Viet Nam and Nepal, India and China adopted the preferences for sons, when they were often seen as ancestors and the ones to be the breadwinners and supporters for their parents. These traditions and cultural preferences in South-East Asian countries lead to imbalanced sex ratio at birth.

For every 100 females born in China and India, there are 120 and in some regions up to 130 males. This soon will lead to the situation when men will be unable to find wives resulting in social tension.

With the access to ultrasound and abortion services the sex selection increased and those who had strong preferences for sons could easily avoid bearing daughters.

The civil groups are now making efforts to prevent sex selection, running the Care for Girls programme in China, including public education, giving support to older people and taking measures against domestic violence.

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