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Man Asks Estranged Wife to Pay for His Kidney


After their marriage, Dr. Richard Batista from New York gave his kidney to save his ill wife. Now the couple decided to divorce and the man asks for his kidney back. The doctor said he is suing Dawnell Batista, and because he doesn't expect her to give his kidney back, he insists on $1.5 million compensation instead, reports Associated Press.

At a news conference that was held at the office of the man's lawyer in Garden City on Long Island, Mr. Batista said: "There's no deeper pain or betrayal from somebody you loved and devoted your whole life to".

According to the doctor, who currently works at Nassau University Medical Center, he offered his kidney to his wife in June 2001. Dawnell Batista filed for divorce four years later, in July 2005. The couple has three children, the youngest is 8, the middle one is 11 and the oldest is 14. No additional facts of the story have been unveiled

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