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Man Banned from Seeing Girlfriend for Noisy Sex


A British man was not allowed to visit his girlfriend's home after neighbors complained about couple's loud sex, local government officials reported.

Adam Hinton, 32 year old man was banned from approaching his 29-year old girlfriend Kerry Norris home by British court.

Mike Taggart, Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said that neighbors had been protesting against loud music, banging headboards and screamed obscenities since 2006. He said that a 6-year old child living near the woman's house was traumatized by her obscene behavior. Norris was also seen by other residents and passer-by while she was sunbathing naked.

"She is a classic nightmare neighbor," Taggat added. "There’s a salacious, smutty side to this case. But it’s not about sex, it’s about allowing your neighbors to have a normal decent life without being disturbed."

The local city council asked for the ban for Hilton to visit his girlfriend because Norris did not follow the previous court order to be more quiet.

Last week the woman was ordered to pay $560 in fines and court costs for ignoring the "noise abatement order."

Source: Associated Press

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//2 Jan 13, 2010 05:33 PM | posted by: Scuba
Good point about the build quality, but I'm sure the builder didn't take into account this specific set of circumstances. If they wish to have loud sex, maybe they should spend a little money on an insulation upgrade?
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//1 Nov 25, 2008 07:51 AM | posted by: BHOB
I wonder when people will start blaming the build quality rather than the people...

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